• group supervision

    What I offer?
    I offer you a safe, caring and authentic place where you can question your professional posture, the situations encountered in your practice, be reassured and gain self-confidence.
    How it works?
    Every session last 2 hours.
    Through a round table Everyone will have the opportunity to share something they want to share. A situation, a question about theories, books or anything that may reflect your practice. The strength of the group will allow everyone to feel supported and helped in their reflections.
    How many people?
    I welcome up to 8 therapists per group
    Who is the supervision I am offering intended for?
    All therapeutic approaches are welcome as diversity being richness to the group.
    Also welcome at any stage of your working life - student or long time therapist/psychologist.
    £25 per session
    When and Where?
    Not set yet, if you are interested and you want to be in the waiting list, contact me.


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